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About Ruthellen

Ruthellen & Bichon, Angel Thank you once again for visiting Our Site and taking the time to know more about us.

I started in Purebred, Quality show dogs at a very young age, traveling with my mother to dog shows nearly every weekend. Many weekends, Mom would drive to Canada so I could compete in Junior Showmanship. Canada allowed “juniors” to begin competing at age 6.

Showing dogs has enabled me to travel the entire United States. I qualified for Westminster Junior Showmantship twice, was Top Junior Handler for Bichon Frise multiple years in a row and dogs quickly became my passion.

Ruthellen & Margarita Rose
When I graduated from high school, my father MADE me go to college, "you’re not going to make a living from dogs". I went, acquired all my hospitality degrees, started my family and worked for a Nationwide Company. During this time, I had an opportunity to rescue six Pekingese and I fell in love with the breed. Although, some were already champions they all were too old to continue showing. I adored them and enjoyed their shenanigans. When the last one left me, I compiled my list of special requirements and began my search for my very own. Ruthellen & Margarita Rose

Two years later he came and was worth the wait - he was "perfect"!! I was in the show ring again, showing the top Pekingese in the country, beginning to handle Pekingese professionally for others. Though breed is too high maintenance for most people. We still keep and show a few but have made the conscious decisions to only breed enough for ourselves. Today Courtney has taken over their breeding. Now I just enjoy them and assist when necessary.

After the birth of my son, I stopped showing and stayed at home with my children for almost two years. During that time I concentrated on my business, "Lots of Love Grooming Salon" a pet-grooming salon I had purchased a few years prior. All was good, quiet and non-hectic. Sorry dad it was inevitable... I have no regrets.

Ruthellen & Marqarita at Westminster

Then one-day mom had some Bichon friends visiting, I commented, “maybe I'll show at the "Garden" this year”. It had always been my yearly vacation and I had attended every year with only one exception, the year my son was born on February 9th. Through the years he has suffered for his birth date – as we're never home for his birthday. Within 24 hours of that fateful visit, I got a call from an old Bichon client, Lonnie Raia. She asked if I would consider showing a "Havanese", she had bred and sold, at the "Garden". Havanese - “huh”. I had been contacted through out the years about this new to AKC breed, as many of the old Bichon Breeders had switched to them, but the breed really didn’t interest me. The only one I had ever met BIT me while at my shop for grooming. Later, I learned that dog was from a poor kennel. I told Lonnie I would consider it but only if this was a good one!! In late 2001, the Havanese was brought to my shop. Her hair was a mess so after spending my days at the shop, I worked getting her coat in condition almost every night until the wee hours of the morning.

That dog was "Margarita Rose". In the months prior to Westminster, I continued to warn her owner, she's young and probably not able to be competitive at this age so don't set yourself up for a disappointment. The entry was over 20 with some of the top dogs in the breed competing, including her Sire, #1 Havanese that year. We hadn't even had a previous opportunity to show together so we went in the ring cold. The rest turned out to be History...

Margarita Rose won Best of Breed at Westminster 2002.

She became the foundation for my breeding program and to this day she is always at my feet or by my side and I have fallen in Love with Havanese. I have her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and hope for many more generations inspired by her quality. I believe this breed can be a great companion for everyone. They are easy to keep, eager to please and adore children. "Every Havanese should have a child & every child should have a Havanese". The right puppy is out there for everyone.

Since that day I have devoted myself to the Havanese. I participated on HAVANESE CLUB OF AMERICA'S Judges education committee, have been instrumental in multiple successful breeding programs, am honored to possess an AKC GOLD MEDALLION, for having bred and shown at least ten to their Championship from the bred by exhibitor class (and the number continues to rise each year).

Ruthellen & Margarita

I realize the passion my mother had for the Bichon Frise is what made her kennel a success as one of United States & Canada’s Top Bichon Kennels. This is what I feel for the Havanese. She introduced me to the world of dog and is still there for me today - Thanks Mom

Ruthellen & Casey
Ruthellen & Savannah
Ruthellen & Roger

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